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My name is Anna Laurence. I started Laurence in 2020 as an eco-conscious accessories brand with backpacks and fanny packs, and I am now expanding to ready-to-wear fashion.

I do everything myself, from the design of the prints and products, to the website design and the social media.


Laurence products are produced in small quantities with sustainable materials.

I choose style and comfort without damaging the planet.

The clothing industry is highly polluting -- I give you that -- but I strive to raise the bar by keeping the brand's footprint small. I care about what goes into my products and I believe in ethical production processes.

The materials I use are made of recycled plastic bottles and/or 100% certified organic cotton whenever possible.


With my brand Laurence, I aim to offer something truly different and one of a kind. (Just like you!) That is why Laurence prints are designed in-house so you will never find another bag featuring the same print.

I love creating prints. I go out and about and I take photos. Then I turn them into repeat patterns that I print on the accessories and clothing items that I design.

The story that I tell through my prints... Each of Laurence patterns starts with a single picture that I have taken somewhere in the world. It could be a fragment of pavement in NYC, graffiti in Paris, a chipped wall in London that caught my eye. I then multiply and manipulate digitally the photo to create a colourful print that makes the base for the products I create.

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