Anna laurence creator of the brand laurence bend over and shows her blond curly hair

I don’t like boring plain.

I want you to have the total freedom to be yourself with what you wear.


I go out and about and I take photos. Then I turn them into repeat patterns that I print on the accessories and clothing items that I design.

I create all prints and Laurence products are produced in small quantities with sustainable materials whenever possible, because I don’t like mass production and junk.

You’re unique. It’s as simple as that.

Laurence started in 2020 as an eco-conscious accessories brand with backpacks and fanny packs, and I am expanding to ready-to-wear fashion later this year.


I choose style and comfort without destroying the planet. Protect and give back.

The clothing industry is highly polluting -- I give you that -- but I strive to raise the bar by keeping the brand's footprint small. I care about what goes into my products and I believe in ethical production processes.

The materials I use are made of recycled plastic bottles and/or 100% certified organic cotton whenever possible.

I work hard to establish close relationships with my manufacturers. I want to ensure that the production line is transparent and short, and where possible, I work with local and independent manufacturers.

I document this process as much as we can for maximum transparency. Check out the blog section and Follow me on Instagram (@laurence__store) for more on that.


Laurence is still a new kid on the block, but I want to support like minded people.

Whenever I come across cool visual artists, new sound, avant garde ideas, you name it: I showcase it. So try, experiment, and be a beginner with me!

On that note, you can contact me if you’re starting something cool and creative and you’d like to be featured on my socials.