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How To Style The Fanny Pack For Winter And Not Look Like The Michelin Man

by Anna Godefroy

Let’s get one thing straight, fanny packs are in, and they are here to stay. Yes, even in men’s fashion. They are undeniably an extremely practical accessory.

Are you going out for a hike in the coastline? It is a perfect bag to carry your phone, car keys and a mini camera. Fancy going for a run? It will comfortably sit on your hips holding the mid-run power bar. What was once worn exclusively by skaters has become a staple of all fashion-forward men wardrobes. 

However, now that we are firmly in the winter season, tying it around your puffer jacket makes you look….well...let’s just say that it is not a flattering shape. slightly ridiculous. No one can rock this look. So what should you do with your fanny pack? Fasten it underneath the coat? Outside it? Multiple thick layers are certainly not making it easy to move around, let alone look like you have a sense of style. Lucky you, I have some ideas on how to look effortlessly cool whilst carrying your fanny pack in winter.

Fanny Packs = Cross-Body Bags

A couple of years ago during the fashion week season, the fanny pack has crept its way from our waistlines up to our shoulders to become the new cross-body bag. If you haven’t been wearing yours this way, you should definitely give it a go. It instantly elevates the outfit to look effortlessly cool. Wear it at the front to make a fashion statement or sling it to the back for a relaxed look.


Don’t underestimate the power of colour.

Have you noticed something in common in those pictures above? Seems like men’s autumn-winter fashion is all about beige, grey and black colours. Don’t know about you, but I think a little dash of colour never hurt anyone. Or how about a print that’s subtle but interesting enough to elevate your look? I am talking, of course, about the Black & Red Poppy Print Fanny Pack from Laurence collection.


Fanny Pack and Puffer Coat = Match Made In Heaven (If You Wear It The Right Way)

Fanny packs are a classic leisure-wear accessory. Sling it back on top of a colourful puffer coat and you are onto a winning look. Not only the puffer will keep you warm, but it is also a practical and versatile outfit. As puffer coats tend to come in more colour variety than just your classic black and beige, why not get creative with the colour scheme? Your countryside hike outfit can be equal parts cool and practical.



What If You REALLY Want To Wear Your Fanny Pack Around The Waist?

I appreciate that the original purpose of this bag was to sit at the waist. If you are keen to stick to the classic styling, there are two occasions where you can pull off this look:

  • Out for a jog wearing it at the waist over your running outfit.
  • Style it as a belt under the coat, leaving it unbuttoned (if you are not afraid to freeze).


A Common Mistake When Buying A Fanny Pack

Buying a bag without a purpose. High street shops are full of tiny fanny packs. What do you do with a bag that can only hold your keys and chewing gum?! Choose a size that will comfortably fit all essentials; even a spare T-Shirt if you are going to workout. Hint, Laurence fanny packs are exactly the size you want. Small enough not to weigh you down. Spacious and practical enough to have plenty of compartments and a secret back pocket for your essentials and valuables.