How To Go Back To School In Style?

by Anna Godefroy

You already know that I am a big believer that learning does not stop once you finish college or university. So if you are starting a new language course, teaching yourself how to code, picking up a new hobby or turning your side hustle into a full-time business, I am right there with you! 

Regardless if you are going back to school (virtual or in-person) or challenging yourself to pick up a new skill, you know that good quality school supplies are a must. More importantly, they need to match your style and personality. 

I know I feel more motivated to head to an evening course when my backpack matches my phone case and it fits everything from my laptop to fabric samples to snack in an organised manner (simple pleasures lol). My personal belief is: a tidy backpack equals a tidy mind! Even if this school year starts at home, you will want to keep yourself motivated and well-organised, right?


How To Organise Backpack For School?

Whether you are a new student or just coming back to classes from a summer holiday, I have some Marie Kondo-style tips for you to declutter your school bag:

Split everything you want to carry into 3 sections: school supplies (pens, highlighters etc), school essentials (books, laptop) and others (snacks, water bottle, home keys etc). Everything that doesn’t fall into these categories, needs to stay at home. 

  • Supplies go into side and front pockets where they are easy to reach.
  • Keys, phone, cash goes into zip pockets.
  • Load your books and laptop first. Slide in your lunch box. You are set!

Having a backpack with multiple compartments and zip pockets is essential. However, the style should not get sacrificed for practicality. They go hand in hand, do you agree? Finding the right bag for you might seem like a daunting task since the offering is vast and the quality and style ratio is not always right. I have a tip for you - start by defining your student type.


What Kind Of Student Are You?

I think your backpack should match your studying and personal style. It’s an accessory that is meant to help you stay organised, on top of your to-do list as well as go well with your wardrobe.


Are You A Preppy Student?

You love a classic shirt and cardi combo paired with a pair of sharp framed glasses. You read up in advance and do your homework. You might even leave an apple on a teacher’s desk (ahem, teacher’s pet!). You choose practicality over style because you need to carry notebooks, laptop and props not only for your classes but also for after-school activities. Or, in the case of a new entrepreneur, your regular day consists of a workout in the morning followed by a meeting at a cafe and a course at The General Assembly which is followed by a working lunch, Zoom conference and a networking event. Does that sound familiar? A well-organised classic- coloured backpack like Lazare in Black & Red is a lifesaving accessory that will fit all your life in it and look great with your business casual look.


Are You A Rebel?

Yes, I know what you are thinking, your rebelling days are in the past. Think again! If you have just picked up a new hobby or decided to go back to school and learn something new after a long time, you are definitely a rebel. And of course, if you choose an evening out with your friends instead of reading your textbooks, you are without a doubt, a classic rebel. One thing that united all kinds of rebels is the drive to make a statement; not only out loud but also with their look. Slogan T-shirts, chunky jewellery, fun coloured hair and bold accessories like black & yellow Lazare backpack.


You know you are an Art Student When…

You love boho style and your favourite class is painting, music or dance. Even when you had to wear a black and white uniform you added a bit of flair to it with a creative scarf or jewellery choices. I hear you, I certainly was (and am!) that kind of student. Do you have a fantastic gift of being very expressive with your style and a slight issue with keeping your life organised? I think Pink & Black Lazare backpack can definitely add to your eclectic look and help add a bit of order to your study routine.

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