How to create a post-covid wardrobe

by Anna Godefroy

I believe that the way we dress started evolving as a result of Covid-19.

Gone are the days of separate work and casual wardrobe. Well, to start with, many of us went through our wardrobe and got rid of a lot of stuff (starting with the uncomfortable wired bra). In short….we all want comfort now!!!

Here is how to do more for your style, with less stuff.

👉 Create a versatile wardrobe 

We want our clothes to be more versatile than ever. Our wardrobe is becoming more functional. We tend to wear outfits that are comfortable, but that can look sophisticated enough for a Zoom call. We tend to want less clothes in our wardrobe but with the option to create more outfits with what we have.

A versatile wardrobe is established by making good choices, we don’t need to go full minimalist with just plain basic pieces. However we do need to be more intentional with what we choose to add to our wardrobe. 

So you will want to get clear on your unique style and then start to focus more on the basics – think wardrobe essentials. Look at neutral colours and the accent colours you want to include, which should be only 2 or 3 colours. Please do not make the mistake of going for all (boring) black. There are tons of muted or bright colours that can be basic enough to wear with everything while having character.

Then pick accessories and main pieces that are unique and that you feel good in. It can be a printed fanny pack, a 90s oversized tee with your fav logo on it. 

Don't forget to style your hair, or wear a couple of jewelry pieces to accentuate the style you're going for. 

That's it! You see... less is more 💋