Decode Laurence:
How I Create Prints

by Anna Godefroy

Love prints? So do I! 

I started Laurence because I felt that there wasn't too many prints on clothes out there that suited my personality. Most of the time, prints options are:

-- too girly: pink flowers style -- it's alright from time to time but it is not really me), or

-- too out there: I don't need to look ridiculous

-- too common: yes I love animal and tropical prints but I'm kind of fed up of seeing them everywhere

-- boring: just basic geometric lines/circles made by a computer. That's just not me

Why can't we wear prints that are pleasant to the eyes, flattering on the body, and that tell a story?

I believe cool prints draw the eye, allow you to be playful and expressive with your style. 

So with Laurence, I aim to offer something truly different and one of a kind. (Just like you!) That is why Laurence prints are designed in-house so you will never find another bag featuring the same print.

The story that I tell through my prints...

Each of Laurence patterns starts with a single picture that I have taken somewhere in the world. It could be a fragment of pavement in NYC, graffiti in Paris, a chipped wall in London that caught my eye. I then multiplied and manipulated digitally the photo to create a colourful print that makes the base for the products I create. 


original_photo black_and_white_original_photo multiplied_photo

Laurence prints are inspired by the life of a city. I find beauty in street art embellishing grey buildings and green spaces contrasting with concrete. For instance, this photo was taken from a window in Paris 18th arrondissement. I turned it into a black and white print for bags and tee-shirt (sold out!). 


illustration_photo illustration_multiplied illustration_photo


The bags I create are produced in small batches to allow freedom of expression for you (with your one of a kind backpack) and experimentation for me (this way we can create more prints!). 


...Becomes your story

I believe that the colours you wear, the accessories you choose, tell a story. They express your mood and passions and showcase who you are. You often reach for certain pieces in your wardrobe unconsciously because they make you feel good. 

This is what I hope Laurence accessories will become for you. Pieces that are an inseparable part of your look and display your style perfectly. 

So you choose a pattern that speaks to you. Maybe because of the city it was first captured in or because of the meaning of the colour scheme.

tote  print crop_hoodie


We evolve together

I know that if you choose Laurence, then, just like me, you love the freedom of expression through your look and movement. You are active and love comfort so having pieces that are unique and versatile is important. 

I might be maximalist in my print and colour approach, but I believe in minimalism when it comes to production. That's why I started with two utility bags - colourful backpacks and fanny packs. Every zip and every pocket is there for a reason and the bag is finished immaculately so it serves you for the years to come.

I LOVE to experiment, try and learn new things and techniques. I can promise to you that Laurence will develop constantly and I want you to be part of this process. Follow my work on Instagram to keep up with new print development process and make sure to share your favourite prints by tagging @laurence__store.