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5 reasons why you should stop wearing black immediately

by Anna Godefroy

Put simply, you look better when wearing patterns and colours instead of plain black. Here is why in 5 points. I've also included simple steps to move away from wearing black as you default colours and go for something better suited for you 👇

Elegant black lady wearing yellow floral shirt


  • Colours makes you look happier and healthier. It actually brightens your skin. No matter what your skin's natural colour and undertone is, wearing colours will make you look healthier. Black often makes your face lines look harsh, and your dark circles under your eyes look darker. You just don’t convey a lot of energy when you’re wearing black.
  • Colours and patterns make you look confident : we tend to wear black when we don’t want to attract attention, when we want to play it safe. Someone who wears bright colors and patterns naturally comes across as someone who is comfortable in their own skin. They have nothing to hide, everything to offer to the world!
  • Wearing patterns highlights your character and temperament. By choosing interesting patterns, you can highlight spécific traits of your personality. For instance, geometric may show the organised and professional side of your personality, whereas floral might carry more lightness and freedom. A bold pattern may highlight the creative part of you. 
  • Wearing interesting colours and patterns shows that you take care of yourself. Isn’t it more pleasant to get a coffee with someone who wears something cool and refreshing (e.g. a pastel floral blouse) rather than the same boring black tee-shirt over and over again? Conscientiously picking what you’re going to wear for the day may demonstrate an ability to take care of yourself and others as you take the time to think about it. This way we also know you’re not wearing yesterday’s clothes ;-)
  • Wearing colours and patterns makes you stand out : you don’t have to go as far as wearing a bright hawaiian shirt -  you can wear whatever works for you. There are so many options to pick from when it comes to colors and patterns. You can go for the safe muted tones, light floral (for men too), or a brighter/bolder more urban style. It can be a small and discreet illustration printed on the sleeve of your tee, or an all over printed garment. Whatever feels like yourself will do!

Now that you’re convinced, so it’s time to take action! Stop wearing black as your default.

👉 When you’re faced with a rack full of options, get into the habit of choosing a color.

👉 When you need a new LBD (Little Black Dress), go for a Little Blue Dress or a Little Green dress. Even better, go with a print or floral dress. 

👉 Try replacing black by white or light grey. Replace every single item of clothing you were going to buy in black by getting it in white or an alternative classic color that is more flattering for you. 

Now go change.

blond woman wearing bright yellow dress